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Strahm offers the City of Kansas City management of the City's mail. Kansas City is the largest City in Missouri and as such requires a full range of mail services. Strahm provides the City with:

  • Pick up their mail from USPS
  • Sort incoming mail to departmental mail boxes
  • Collect and stage all outgoing mail
  • Meter outgoing mail
  • Presort for postage discounts
  • Handle all outgoing certified and confirmed delivery mail
  • Postcard printing and mail handling
  • Process newsletters
  • Process mail tax statements

Strahm offers Kansas City efficient, dependable service at an affordable price. We create custom mailing and summoning processes for our public sector clients to insure that we deliver cost-effective and timely solutions. Let Strahm show you how we can help your municipality process your mail and execute your jury summoning process. Let Strahm be your partner.


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